League List

The Lanes

MONDAYTimeTypeBowlers per TeamTeamsVacancies
KING OF THE HIGH LIFE HILL by TRACK6:30pMixed Night League3240
QUEENS OF THE HILL6:30pFemale Night League360
Summer Ball League7:00pMixed Night League2140
MONDAY BAGGO00:00Mixed Night League180
Monday Volleyball Doubles02:00Mixed Day League260
The Lanes Sooners12:30Mixed Day League4104

TUESDAYTimeTypeBowlers per TeamTeamsVacancies
TERRIBLE TUES6:30pMixed Night League4160
Summer Ball League6:30pMixed Night League280
TUESDAY 9 PIN TAP6:30pMixed Night League480
TUESDAY WOMEN VBALL01:59Mixed Night League1100
Tuesday Coed Volleyball05:00Mixed Day League160
TUESDAY A.M. KOFFEE KLUTCHERS10:00Female Day League464

WEDNESDAYTimeTypeBowlers per TeamTeamsVacancies
Big Ed's Commercial6:30pMixed Night League460
Wed Nite Strike Force6:30pFemale Night League464
The Lanes Wed-Nite Ladies Doubles6:00pMixed Night League2147
AMAZON DRIVERS8:00pMixed Night League1324
Ladies Doubles 26:00pFemale Night League282
Wednesday Fall Volleyball03:00Mixed Day League1140
WEDNESDAY VOLLEYBALL06:00Mixed Day League1180
The Lanes Retirees12:30Male Day League484

THURSDAYTimeTypeBowlers per TeamTeamsVacancies
Mike Corona UAW6:30pMale Night League5105
Trestleboard6:30pMixed Night League5100
Thursday Volleyball02:00Mixed Night League1200

FRIDAYTimeTypeBowlers per TeamTeamsVacancies
Angry Brothers Points7:00pMixed Night League4160
Friday Senior Handicap12:30Mixed Day League3120

SATURDAYTimeTypeBowlers per TeamTeamsVacancies
Erickson's Auto Trim Couples6:30pMixed Night League4120
League Of Our Own3:30pMixed Night League4140
D&D COUPLES6:30pMixed Night League4120
The Lanes Early Eights6:30pMixed Night League480
E.O.W Sat. Couples6:30pMixed Night League4160
The Lanes Odds and Ends5:30pMixed Night League4126
League Of Our Own 9 Pin3:30pMixed Night League4185
EAT Scotch Doubles6:30pMixed Night League1200
E.O.W Sat. Couples 9 PIN Sweeper6:30pMixed Night League4160
The Lanes Preps09:00Mixed Junior League442
The Lanes Bantams09:00Mixed Junior League447
The Lanes Jr/Majors09:00Mixed Junior League446
The Lanes Bumpers09:00Mixed Junior League344
The Lanes Preps09:00Mixed Junior League462

SUNDAYTimeTypeBowlers per TeamTeamsVacancies
Sunday Funday Couples6:00pMixed Night League480
Senior Match Games 20211:00pMixed Day League1120
SUNDAY VOLLEYBALL04:00Mixed Night League1160